CEO`s Message


Woojin M&E has been engaged in bringing affluence to the world
with good product and advanced technology.
It has a greater dream now.

CEO Chang-Ik Jang

CEO Chang-Ik Jang


Hello. I am Chang-Ik Jang, the CEO of Woojin M&E.

Woojin M&E could continue to grow as it is now because it had the interest and support of our customers. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of all employees.

Woojin M&E is an integrated platform company for industrial power equipment that supplies products and engineering solutions for over 30,000 items in four areas, including power quality, power system, power equipment, and new renewable energy.

From the power quality solution using AVC and UPS developed through technical cooperation with the world’s preeminent companies to the power system solution that can increase efficiency by minimizing energy loss, the power device solution that can be connected to a variety of power equipment including protection relay, and new renewable energy solutions such as floating photovoltaic power, wind power, ESS, etc.,

Woojin M&E will become a prominent Total Energy Platform company that leads the fourth revolution in the electric industry by providing solutions optimized for customer needs based on the best products and engineering.

The best way Woojin M&E can reward customers for their support is to provide better values through management activities that put the highest priority on customers and the market.

We promise to become a company that brings affluence to the world with good products and advanced technology and provides customer-oriented total solutions and a global company that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the world's prominent companies and the company that coexists with customers and advances with them together.

We hope that our customers as well as Woojin M&E are moving toward the center of the world and the future.

Thank you.