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SINCE 1984!

Until customers are impressed,
we have worked hard to satisfy customers.

Driven by various experiences we have accumulated in the South Korean and the global markets,
Woojin M&E is expanding to the world and the future.
Woojin M&E, the global leader for electric industry,
is ready to take off!

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Taking big steps into broader world!

We have achieved consistent progresses by making major contributions to the development of the electric industry

Since the foundation in 1984, Woojin M&E has led the revolution of light as the leading player in the electric industry.
Woojin M&E, which used to nurture the green dream with the vigor and passion of a young company, has become the company that impresses the whole humanity by placing top priority on quality to realize the future of the next generation green energy.
We are taking big steps into the world and the future with our global customers.

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Total Energy Platform

Leading Company for Power Equipment Integration Woojin M&E

Woojin M&E provides the One Stop Service composed of specialized technological strength and efficient system from consulting to production, distribution, and customer support service based on the integrated logistics service infrastructure while making efforts to stand tall as a prestigious company in the world.

With technological strength and optimized quality management system, Woojin M&E will provide global customers with the Total Energy Platform that is economic and stable and respond to the demand of the global market.