Ethical Management

Ethical Management to Lead the Culture of Integrity

Woojin M&E has established and executed code of ethics in engaging in the management activity to win trust from customers, shareholders, and society.
We will lead the culture of integrity by operating fairly and transparently to satisfy financial and legal responsibilities up to the level expected ethically based on social common notion.

Lead Culture of Integrity Ethical Management - Responsibility for Customers, Principle of Good Faith for Shareholders and Investors, Basic Ethics of Employees, Responsibility for Society, Fair Relationship with Partners

Customer Respect Management

- Provision of products and services of the highest quality
- Smooth communication with customers
- Protection of customers’ rights and interests


Attitude toward shareholders and investors

- Protection of shareholders' rights and interests
- Equal treatment
- Active provision of information


Compliance and Social Responsibility - Compliance with Law

-Sound corporate activities
-Social responsibility
-Protection of environment and resource
-Safety management and accident prevention


Shared Prosperity with partner companies

-Fair competition with competitors
-Fair trade with partners


Basic Ethics of Employees

-Establishment of sound corporate culture
-Prohibition of conflict of interest
-Prohibition of the use of internal information
-Protection of corporate property and important information
-Prevention of sexual harassment
-Prohibition of political activities
-Prohibition of the acceptance of money and entertainment