Coexistence Management

Coexistence Management for Shared Growth

Woojin M&E is preparing various strategies for coexistence management for shared growth with business partners.
To operate together as partners for coexistence, we have implemented three strategies: Building Awareness of Shared Growth with Employees,
Intensification of Supplier Support System, and Stipulation of Trust Building.
In the future, we will continue to strive to establish a corporate ecosystem for shared growth through open communication.

Building Awareness of Shared Growth with Employees : Regular Meeting on Shared Growth Training on Laws Related to Subcontract Autonomous Monitoring -> Stipulation of Trust Building  : Stipulate transparent registration system and operation standards to ensure fairness in selection and operation of suppliers -> Intensification of Supplier Support System : Operate an in-house expert project team dedicated to smooth communication with each partner

Successful Case


Signing of Supplier Contract for Protection Relay in 2012

As part of the partner support program for coexistence management, we organized a project team comprised of experts, securing a flexible response to market changes and a competitive sales network.
As a result, we achieved phenomenal business performance, with 2016 sales in the South Korean market reaching 22 times that in 2012.
Our products were chosen by Samsung Display, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics Vietnam, LSIS, LGD Guangzhou, etc. in large projects by increasing the awareness of TOSHIBA in the Protection Relay Market by discovering lead time issues through smooth communication with the partner and developing measures to shorten them. We are currently delivering the product to sites around the world. TOSHIBA and Woojin M&E are win-win partners, who are making an average of 600% progress every year.

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