Equipment Department

We provide global-standard customized power equipment
and services based on accumulated technology and stability.

We are supplying various products in the electric industry, customized products with the highest quality and stability, in a timely manner using the technological strength accumulated by our technical staff and the Just In Time System. Certified by quality management system certificates such as ISO9001 and ISO 14001, we guarantee the best quality.
By operating the Total Quality Management System to maintain and develop the optimal environment, we give continuous efforts for customer satisfaction.

We mainly supply power equipment products to distribution boards, electric construction companies, and automatic control systems. Sales managers are assigned to each region to communicate with customers and achieve customer satisfaction with the top priority.

Major Features

Price Competitiveness

Secure competitive price by strengthening ties with buyers

Delivery Responsiveness

Fast and accurate delivery by securing various product stocks and developing a state-of-the-art logistics system

Crisis Responsiveness

With a large number of professional technical staff members, we response quickly when there is a crisis

Business Process

Sales activities with customers such as switchboards, original client, electric construction companies, etc -> Submit a quotation -> Negotiate price and delivery schedule -> Receive order -> Shipment -> Collection

Expected Effects

Prevention of Cost Increase

· Eliminates risk factors affecting cost increase while a project is in progress
· Secures price competitiveness through continuous management of partners

Early Delivery

· Enables early delivery and coordinate process negotiations by securing stocks and securing advanced logistics systems

Major Success Cases

Samsung Display Tangjeong (K, A3)

Samsung Display Tangjeong (K, A3)

· Client

Samsung Display (Switchboard: Hanyang Electric Co., Ltd.), 2015 ~

· Contents

The project was about the installation of new switchboards due to the extension of Samsung Display plant. The project applied TOSHIBA PROTECTION RELAY and we supplied LS Industrial Systems’ breakers through mutual organic cooperation with Hanyang Electric Co., Ltd.

· Result

During Samsung Display Tangjeong Project, we strongly recommended the application of TOSHIBA PROTECTION RELAY and the LS Industrial Circuit Breaker with the switchboard through mutual organic cooperation to finally win the contract. The project could reduce cost and shorten delivery time for the switchboard

Icheon SK Hynix M14

Icheon SK Hynix M14

· Client

Icheon SK Hynix M14 (Switchboard: ISEONG Electric Co., Ltd.), 2015 ~

· Contents

Installation of new switchboards due to the expansion of Icheon SK Hynix M14 Plant

· Result

Hyundai Heavy Industries and LS Industrial Systems were competing during the Icheon SK Hynix M14 project. We closely cooperated with LS Industrial Systems' sales department in relation to LS Industrial Systems' products that we could supply to supply LS Industrial Systems circuit breakers. The project could reduce costs and deliver early through our active support for the distribution panel.

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