Technical Support Team

Based on advanced technology and abundant technical support staff, we provide proactive technical support services tailored to customers and situations.

We provide proactive technical support services tailored to customers and situations through advanced technological strengths accumulated through various global power facility projects and abundant staff with excellent skills. Instead of simply supplying products, we pursue technical support services for the best customer satisfaction for any product and in any situation with professional people and technology capable of handling the design, PLC configuration, switchboard test, and harmonic measurement test according to customer requests.

The technical support team does not settle for the current functions and technologies. It has encouraged and led manufacturers with passion for continuous quality improvement and technological development.

Technical Sales

01 AHF, Capacitor, Protection Relay

02 Design Office Spec-In Sales

03 Project source sales

04 Application of Woojin M&E products and sales support

05 New item development

Technical Support

01 TOSHIBA Protection Relay, Digital Meter

02 Factory and field tests, commissioning, A/S

03 Harmonic measurement and diagnostic analysis

Major Features

Crisis Response

· Domestic Crisis : Capable of taking emergency measures within 3 hours
· Regular inspection, performance test, and comprehensive test by dedicated A/S personnel
· Analyzes accident and establishes and proposes countermeasures

Professional People

· Training on the latest technical information related to upgrades
· Securing professional technical manpower through yearly manufacturer training
· Technical advice and new technology seminar to enhance system performance

Business Process



01 Obtain SPEC IN and project information

02 Establish a project strategy

03 Determine the number of employees

04 Identify project outline

05 Identify construction and client

06 Confirm item to apply and move in

07 Support design drawing and specification preparation (quotation)

08 Feedback from relevant departments of Woojin M&E


Order Materials

01 Check the material order schedule

02 Consult with purchase manager


Test and commissioning

01 Relay test and commissioning

02 Operator training

03 Relay setting with adjustments

Expected Effects


· Enabled and operated unique technological strength, the ‘Auto Transfer Operating’ of the switchboard using GRE-Series
· Minimized power failure damage using ATO, which automatically switches to sound power in the section with power system accident


· Secures high product reliability for capacitor banks by supplying capacitors, reactors, and discharge coils as a set
· Satisfies customer needs by supplying low-loss and low-noise products compared to domestic products

Active Filter

· Actively compensates according to the magnitude of harmonics generated in the load
· Does not cause resonance with the system, precisely reduces harmonics down to the regulated value.

Major Success Cases

LGD Guangzhou

LGD Guangzhou

· Client

Client: LS Dalian, 2014

· Contents

A relay of another company caused a malfunction due to the inrush current in the transformer at a premise of LG Display Guangzhou. The relay was replaced with a TOSHIBA relay.

· Result

The problematic relay was replaced with TOSHIBA relay which applies a blocking feature with the algorithm that analyzes the harmonics contained in the inrush current. The problem is solved and it has been operating normal without a trouble Until now.

Samsung Display

Samsung Display

· Client

Hanyang Electric and 3 other switchboard companies, 2014 ~

· Contents

Enabling of Auto Transfer Operating using PLC inside TOSHIBA Relay

· Result

In an accident or power outage of upper level, it successfully performed automatic switching without a single malfunction, minimizing damages such as the suspension of production line that can occur in the case of power outage

List of Customers

Handling installations in the sites operated by Samsung Electronics, LG Display, and Samsung Display since 2014 / Enabled Auto Transfer Operating using PLC inside TOSHIBA relay and successfully performed auto switching in the case of high-level accident or power outage without a single malfunction / Minimized damage such as the suspension of production lines which may occur in the case of power outage