System Department

We provide total electric system solutions such as precision complex
and large complex constructions based on the experiences accumulated
in domestic and overseas large-scale electric system projects.

With its unique experience and competitiveness in the domestic bus duct market, Woojin M&E provides a full lineup of bus ducts from low and high pressure ducts,
small to large capacity for each project’s circumstance by reflecting more diverse customer requests to provide optimal solutions for each project.

In particular, Woojin M&E System Department has carried out large-scale projects overseas based on extensive experience in various fields
such as high-rise buildings, data centers, and apartments constructed in Korea.

Major Features

System Total Solution

· Realize optimized system and crisis management through PM engineers who participate directly from the beginning of the project
· Realize customer satisfaction by dispatching engineers to the site throughout the entire process from consulting to design and construction
· Dedicated to Bus Duct, we provide post diagnosis and maintenance management training.

Expertise through Various Field Experiences

· Retains accumulated professional knowhow per situation and project through extensive experience in skyscrapers, data centers, apartments, etc.

Business Process

Consulting Service : Establishment of initial stage plan and preparation of technology proposal for bus duct. Engineering Service : Electrical design and system design proposal. Customer Support Service : Secured repair staff and promptly responds to product issues. Installation and Construction Service : “One Stop” comprehensive installation and construction from start to finish

- Proposing reduction of charges by changing cable to bus duct

- Proposing reasonable product specifications considering the site and budget

- Securing space through CAD drawing work, and proposing direction

- Operation and management by controlling from start to finish from PM to installation completion

- Conducting training on inspection methods necessary for maintenance and product

- Realizing high-quality construction by assigning a construction team dedicated to bus ducts

Expected Effects

When Changing Cable to Bus Duct

· The panel area and the number of installers were relatively small, increasing cost reduction effect
· Contrary to the cables that need to be connected to each panel, the Bus Duct can branch many loads with one line, so it is easy to increase the load in the future.

Technical Excellence

High Reliability
· Products manufactured based on standards and many certifications
: UL, seismic/vibration durability, various performance certifications
· System management through independent temperature monitoring sensor
· Securing insulation stability through the use of verified insulating materials (Cast-Resin, Epoxy, PET film)
* Eco friendly
· Halogen free
· Does not include six typical hazardous substances (RoHS)
· No toxicity in fire & Fire-Retardant

Fast Delivery

· Fast delivery compared to other manufacturers, enabled through the largest production line in Korea
· Retaining capacity for delivery and installation even in a short schedule

Major Success Cases

Shinhan Financial Group Data Center

Shinhan Financial Group Data Center

· Client

Hanwha E&C, May 2012 - April 2013

· Contents

Considering the characteristics of data centers that need to supply high-capacity power to important equipment, a temperature monitoring system is applied as an inspection system after installing the bus duct.

· Result

- Satisfies customer needs in advance by analyzing project characteristics and suggesting required technologies and systems
- Reduced maintenance time and cost by measuring the temperature of the bus duct in real time

Ilsan Yojin Y CITY Complex Construction

Ilsan Yojin Y CITY Complex Construction

· Client

Yojin Construction Industry, April 2015 to April 2016

· Contents

In the site for a complex which includes residential and commercial spaces, shopping center, neighborhood living space, we analyzed the vulnerable environment linked to the bus ducts of shopping and residential facilities (6 buildings) in the basement floor. We suggested and installed CR-WAY with waterproof and dustproof function, IP68 function, in the areas vulnerable to leakage and humidity.

· Result

- Problem-solving ability to provide necessary products and technologies even against changes in poor circumstances
- Prevented customer risk in advance by reinforcing waterproof and dustproof functions in areas vulnerable to leakage and humidity

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