Energy Department

As the leader of the new renewable energy business,
Woojin M&E is taking the lead in building a pollution-free clean energy business.

Woojin M&E Energy Department is dedicated to new and renewable energy business in relation to pollution-free clean energy. Starting with the module sales in 2006, Woojin M&E has participated in new renewable energy projects such as Korea East-West Power’s Ulsan Thermal Power Plant, Korea Midland Power’s Photovoltaic Generator at Jeju National University, Photovoltaic Generator at the new building of KEPCO head office, Korea East-West Power’s Photovoltaic Power Generator at Suwon Environment Affairs Agency, and it is rapidly emerging as a leader in Korea's new renewable energy business engaged in various projects, such as securing carbon credits that have emerged as an international issue and construction of Photovoltaic Power plants using idle sites.

Woojin M&E will take the lead in distributing Korea's new renewable energy based on its extensive experience and technology.

Major Features

1. Design
Provides the optimal design suitable for the site conditions
· Prediction of power generation using an exclusive program
· Achieves maximum power generation time through shading analysis
· A system tailored to customer needs

2. Construction
Provide semi-permanent system
· Hot-dip galvanizing to prevent corrosion
· Use a dedicated solar cable
· Use of KS certified materials

3. Follow-up Management
Customized training and operation management
· Customized training for customers after completion
· Minimizes power generation loss due to product failure with dedicated maintenance personnel standing by around the clock
· Free repair services up to 3 years

4. Government Affairs
Agency for Government Affairs
· Power generation business license
· Report of the commencement of construction and other affairs
· Agreement on parallel operation with KEPCO and other affairs
· Inspection of electrical safety construction and other affairs

Business Process


01 Consulting

Power plant proposal and site visit


02 Design

Designs for the maximum power generation by taking site conditions into account


03 Construction

Sound construction for semi-permanent use


04 Follow-up Management

Customized training for operator’s convenience

Expected Effects

The quality management system and operation management system based on
Woojin M&E's extensive experience enables customers to create maximum profits.

Reduces maintenance cost and prevents decline in power generation

· Ensures stable photovoltaic plant construction by realizing total engineering service that combines design, construction, and maintenance

· Ensures the use of major equipment and products certified by Korean Standards and Korea Energy Management Corporation and prohibits the use of defective materials through equipment inspection by quality managers.

· Conducts one-year regular inspections by specialized maintenance personnel (predict the replacement cycle for each equipment to prevent the decline in power generation due to breakdowns and replacement of premium parts, and reduce maintenance costs)

· Operator training through take-over training

· Premium support service after 3 years free repair service

Afterwards Comparison of maintenance costs

Comparison of decrease according to operation management
(incl. module power generation decrease)

Major Success Cases

Photovoltaic Power Plant on the Rooftop at Jeju National University

Photovoltaic Power Plant on the Rooftop at Jeju National University

· Client

Korea Midland Power, December 2011 - April 2012

· Contents

- Commercial photovoltaic power plants in 13 buildings of Jeju National University
- Distributed installation of 4,180 sheets (1,086.8kW) of 260W modules

· Result

- Installed on the rooftop of each building, the largest single case commercial photovoltaic power plant in Korea
- Representative case of using an idle site, setting a role model in the industry.

Photovoltaic Power Generator at the New Building for Korea Electric Power Corporation’s Head Office

Photovoltaic Power Generator at the New Building for Korea Electric Power Corporation’s Head Office

· Client

Korea Electric Power Corporation (Daewoo E&C), December 2012 - October 2014

· Contents

A total of 1,879,294kWh photovoltaic system for internal consumption was installed by applying the BIPV system to KEPCO’s new head office building and PV system to the parking lot.

· Result

- Promote corporate image through the installation of photovoltaic facilities, the new renewable energy facilities, at the head office building of the KEPCO.
- Saving 2,400MkW each year through the use of electricity produced by the photovoltaic systems.
- Constantly monitoring each module for abnormalities and power generation through the multi-channel module monitoring device, built with Woojin M&E's patented technology.

Photovoltaic Power System for Suwon Sewage Treatment Plant

Photovoltaic Power System for Suwon Sewage Treatment Plant

· Client

Korea East-West Power, November 2013 - January 2014

· Contents

A 1,500kW commercial photovoltaic power plant using the idle site above the wastewater treatment plant in Suwon Environment Affairs Agency

· Result

- Designed by using power generation estimation program
- Maintaining power generation hours, 4 hours or longer, far greater than the average domestic power generation time, 3.4 hours per day
- Generating the additional profit of 65 million won per year through extra power generation for approximately 328,500 kWh per year

Photovoltaic Power Generator in the New Building of Korea Broadcasting Corporation

Photovoltaic Power Generator in the New Building of Korea Broadcasting Corporation

· Client

Korea Broadcasting Corporation, April - June 2010

· Contents

Installation of photovoltaic power generation system at a broadcasting company for the first time in Korea

· Result

- Photovoltaic power generation device installed in Korea's first broadcasting company
- The first case of applying photovoltaic system to a broadcasting company among general distribution projects implemented by the Korea Energy Management Corporation

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