ESS Team

We provide customized total solution services
for better ESS (Energy Storage System).

Woojin M&E provides specialized technological strengths and efficient systems from ESS consulting for peak control, load leveling, and ESS connected to photovoltaic generator, to PCS, battery, PMS supply, installation and customer support services. Based on the experience in technology, installation, and operation related to major equipment (PCS, batteries, etc.), overall knowhow for and stable operation technology of the power system, we provide a total solution service for the ESS business. Also, we provide customized solutions through the establishment of a system that meets customer needs.

What is ESS (Energy Storage System)?

ESS is drawing attention as a core technology of the next-generation main power industry such as new renewable energy and smart grid.
ESS drastically changes the paradigm of the electricity industry that must produce power while it is consumed at the same time.
ESS has been introduced in various fields to complement the generational variability of new renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power, stabilize system and enhance transmission/distribution efficiency.
ESS is expected to bring about the enormous market potential of the new energy industry in the future that it is drawing attention in Korea and major developed countries as a new growth engine.
Korea is focusing on the spread of ESS through various supporting policies, starting with the development of frequency adjusting ESS by KEPCO (2014-2017 / total 500MW) followed by the government’s introduction of an ESS utilization promotion rate system (2017) and the grant of ESS REC 5.0 in connection with photovoltaic generator (2017).

Major Features

System Construction based on Power System Knowhow

Development of a reliable and safe system based on the knowhow and technology for a variety of electrical equipment and power systems accumulated over 30 years

Composition of One Solution System Value Chain

· Development of the One Solution System Value Chain through strategic alliances or collaborations with manufacturers verified for major ESS equipment.
· Provision of optimal ESS solutions centered on key technologies of ESS business and experts in each field.

Customized Design through ESS Consulting

Development of design tailored to customer's need based on the calculation of the optimal capacity for each customer, compatibility with existing facilities, and customer requirements, etc.

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Expected Effects

General Commercial Use
Saving Power Cost

Saves power cost through power demand control such as load leveling and peak cutting during the maximum load time. Shortens the investment collection period through ESS utilization promotion rate system (expanded in 2017-2019 / ESS is estimated to reduce peak three times, 50% discount on charging during light load hours)

Transmission and Distribution Businesses
Power Grid Stabilization

Managing the safety of power system operation through frequency regulation has a direct effect of reducing power purchase cost compared to the existing power generation method and indirect additional benefits such as avoiding additional construction of transmission and substation facilities.

Power Producer
Supply Certificate Weight

Possible to create additional profits for renewable energy producers in connection with photovoltaic ESS (5.0 REC granted in 2017) and wind power ESS (4.5 REC granted in 2017)

Major Success Cases

2015년 주파수조정용 ESS 구축사업
2015년 주파수조정용 ESS 구축사업
2015년 주파수조정용 ESS 구축사업

Frequency Regulating ESS (Energy Storage Device) Development Project (PCS (Gyeongsan #2 24MW-C) 1 Set) in 2015

· Client

Korea Electric Power Corporation

· Schedule

August 2015 to August 2016

· Contents

Delivery, test and commissioning of 24MW ESS (PCS) for frequency regulation (Supervisor)

· Result

- Ten or more companies including ESS manufacturers, construction companies, electricity companies, and civil engineering companies simultaneously carried out their operations in relevant fields to construct a total 48MW ESS (Gyeongsan Substation), the largest capacity for a single unit in Korea. Companies completed the project within the schedule through an organic information sharing and collaboration system between the business operator and the client (KEPCO) while the initial emergization was scheduled within the year (2015).
- Supplies stable high-quality power supply to industrial complexes and customers in Gyeongsangbuk-do region by normalizing the frequency through ESS discharge output when the power generator at the plant fails or the frequency fluctuates due to excessive power consumption.

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