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ESS (Energy Storage Device) Development Project

관리자 2021-06-02


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Client : 

Korea Electric Power Corporation

Contents :

Delivery, test and commissioning of 24MW ESS (PCS) for frequency regulation (Supervisor)

Result :

- Ten or more companies including ESS manufacturers, construction companies, electricity companies, and civil engineering companies simultaneously carried out their operations in relevant fields to construct a total 48MW ESS (Gyeongsan Substation), the largest capacity for a single unit in Korea. Companies completed the project within the schedule through an organic information sharing and collaboration system between the business operator and the client (KEPCO) while the initial emergization was scheduled within the year (2015).

- Supplies stable high-quality power supply to industrial complexes and customers in Gyeongsangbuk-do region by normalizing the frequency through ESS discharge output when the power generator at the plant fails or the frequency fluctuates due to excessive power consumption.