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Woojin M&E's AVC was developed exclusively through a technological tie-up
with ABB and boasts of the 90% or higher market share.

Woojin M&E's AVC (Active Voltage Conditioner) is the world's one and only instantaneous voltage drop compensation device developed through a technical alliance with the world's leading company ABB, and its boasts of over 90% AVC market share. It is a very important power facility to stably supply power to the load side under instantaneous power failure due to an accident in the power supply system. Voltage drops, surges, and instantaneous power failures in the power system are common failures that cause electrical and electronic equipment malfunctions. When such failures occur during critical and controlled operations, enormous damage to production facilities is expected due to complete shutdown of major electrical equipment and so on. The very industrial and commercial load device designed to solve the problem is AVC.

Woojin M&E supplies AVC to customers such as semiconductor, LCD, and display manufacturers, and hospitals that need to protect sensitive load devices from surges and instantaneous power outages. Woojin M&E has been continuously supplying, applying, and operating AVCs for over ten years without causing a single load accident.

Major Features

Excellent Product Strength

· Applicable to 150KVA-3000KVA in capacity and 208V-480V in voltage
· No load down due to non-junction industrial design
· No voltage fluctuation rate within set voltage
· Long-lasting energy storage device (UPS-I) requiring no maintenance
· 100% load compensation for 1 second in case of voltage drop (UPS-I) to cope with power outage

Convenience and Stability Ensured

· Easy to expand and requires small installation area
· Allows easy maintenance and quick response due to modular design of major parts of the equipment
· Securing reliability through inverter redundancy (UPS-I)
· High customer satisfaction due to easy equipment operation

Business Process


01 AVC Design and Engineering

- Investigation of the instantaneous power outage in the customer’s site

- Customized design according to the scope of customer's instantaneous power outage


02 AVC Production and Shipment

- ABB produced in New Zealand

- Shipment and customs clearance


03 AVC Transportation and Installation

- Transport and install in customer’s site

- Commissioning


04 Follow-up Management

- Regular inspection and overhaul

- Immediate response to for repair in the case of failure

Expected Effects

Reducing Cost

· Reduces production cost by preventing enormous damage to industrial sites due to instantaneous power failure
· Contributes to reducing equipment failure due to instantaneous power failure, loss of data recovery cost, and labor cost.


· Supplies stable and high-quality power to the power system

Major Success Cases

LG Display
LG Display
LG Display

LG Display in Gumi and Paju in Korea, Guangzhou and Nanjing in China, Haiphong in Vietnam

· Client

LG Display, 2003 ~

· Contents

Installed approximately 200 AVC2 and UPS-I

· Result

- Displayed proven quality through continuous operation for more than ten years
- Demonstrating quality at home and abroad including China and Vietnam by verifying stable power quality

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics in Giheung and Hwaseong, and Xian in China
Samsung Display in Tangjeong, Asan, and Cheonan, and Suzhou in China

· Client

Samsung Electronics, 2006 -, Samsung Display

· Contents

Installed approximately 80 AVC2 and UPS-I

· Result

- Verified product strength through the application to production lines of semiconductors, mobile devices, and home appliances, which require stability
- Operated production lines stably by securing the compensation capacity for more than 1 second for 00% power failure load

SK Hynix
SK Hynix
SK Hynix

SK Hynix in Cheongju and Icheon, and Wuxi in China

· Client

SK Hynix, 2004 ~

· Contents

Installed approximately 450 AVC1 and AVC2

· Result

- Enables the production of better quality semiconductors by preventing instantaneous power failure, etc.
- Minimizes unsafe factors such as human error through smart switchboard supplied with AVC2 40% model

List of Customers

LG 디스플레이
LG 화학