Data Center

We provide customized integrated total solution SI services with enhanced planning and consulting capabilities.

Woojin M&E's SI division aims to provide a single solution by integrating all the products/services handled by the company to suit the customer's circumstance and meet customer requirements. Based on our accumulated planning and consulting capabilities, we provide the best integrated solution SI service in South Korea that provides services for the entire life cycle from customer system planning to design stage, development, and post-operation through collaboration with other departments in the company. Especially, with our knowhow from participating in large-scale data center projects at home and abroad, we provide customized services to customers of various sizes, participating from the data center planning and design stage.

Major Features

Planning/Diagnosis Consulting

To expand, construct, or relocate a data center,
· Diagnose and analyze existing the data center and derive improvement plans, etc.
· Calculate the overall scale by calculating the future capacity that meets the customer's business needs
· Analyze site requirements of the center
· Present legal requirements, future strategy, budget (including TCO and ROI analysis) and schedule

Concept Design Consulting

· Evaluate data center candidates and derive design reflection plans
· Evaluate the existing ICT equipment/infrastructure and present the location considering the size of the center and the size and traffic line of each room according to future capacity
· Select the capacity and composition of the infrastructure based on future capacity considering TCO, and prepare an action plan
· Review whether the draft derived from the conceptual design is well reflected in the basic/working design later

Development and Operation

· Provide optimal products/solutions precisely grasping customer requests
· Provide/manage the most important electrical/mechanical facilities among the infrastructure facilities of the data center with one-team.

Business Process

Stage 1 : Customer Registration and Management > Department/SI Team
Stage 2 : Consultation with Client > Consultation with CEO, President, SI Team, Construction Company, Designer > Department
Stage 3 : Preparation of Proposal > Department/SI Team
Stage 4 : Customer Negotiation> Business Unit/SI Team
Stage 5 : Contract and Construction> Business Unit/SI Team
Stage 6 : Operation and Maintenance> Department

Expected Effects

Personalized Data Management

· Clear demand forecast according to customer's business requirements
· Proper verification process for design
· Verify whether the requirements for the data center are sufficiently reflected in the architectural design

Cost Reduction

· Preparation of architectural working design based on data center’s conceptual design (resolve unnecessary facilities, poor design, incorrect configuration of equipment, lack of necessary space, etc.)
· Construct customer's data center through one-team project management
· Eliminate overall quality deterioration and schedule disruption due to insufficiency of experience in advance