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Woojin M&E, Delivers 'Electric Care Scholarship' of 10 Million Won for Fostering Talented People

Admin 2021-07-16


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Specialized power equipment engineering solution provider, Woojin M&E (CEO Chang-Ik Jang), took the initiative in fostering talented people by delivering the 'Electric Care Scholarship' of 10 million won to students majoring in electrical engineering.



Woojin M&E announced that it donated and delivered a scholarship of 10 million won at the 'Electric Care Scholarship Delivery Ceremony,' which took place during the 'KIEE Summer Conference' held in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do on July 14. The event was attended by the host, Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE), Woojin M&E which donated funds, Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, MIRAE E&C, SHINWON E&C, J&S Engineering, and JEEHWA Engineer Group, seven companies in total.



The Electric Care Scholarship was created by the electric industry circles to foster talented people in the electric industry. Eighteen scholarship students were ed among the third and fourth year students majoring in electrical engineering at universities across the country.


Among the ed scholarship students, Woojin M&E delivered scholarships of 2.5 million won to the students from Kyungpook National University, Pusan National University, Daegu University, and Cheongju University, respectively.



Chang-ik Jang, CEO of Woojin M&E, said, “I hope to see the continuation of this paradigm of shared growth and coexistence, where the talented people fostered through the scholarship support provided by the electric industry circles join and lead the electric industry circles later. It is a pleasure to participate in fostering talented people who would lead our future. I will continue to donate to society.”