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Woojin M&E donated “Coal with Love” to Pyeongtaek City Social Welfare Council

Admin 2021-12-02


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Engineering solution company for industrial power equipment, Woojin M&E(CEO Chang-Ik Jang) announced that on December 2nd, 2021, they donated 30,000 pieces of coals to Pyeongtaek City Social Welfare Council for the people in need in Pyeongtaek.



With Coal with Love, Woojin M&E has supported the people in need for 4 years since 2018, and this year for those who are going through even harder time due to COVID-19 to deliver warm heart.



Hyangsoon Kim, President of Pyeongtaek City Social Welfare Council commented, "In fact, corporate donations have recently been somewhat reduced due to the economic damage. Nevertheless, Woojin M&E continues to give a helping hand, and we deeply appreciate it."



CEO of Woojin M&E, Chang-Ik Jang said, “As we are going through tougher time than ever due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, it is more necessary to help the people in need. We will continue to carry out volunteer activities as for the social responsibility of corporate.



Source: Elect Times