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Eung-sik Ahn, Managing director of Woojin M&E won the Prime Minister’s commendation of ‘Electric Culture Awards’

Admin 2021-12-08


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"I just performed my duties, and I am very honored to receive this great award. I think this award is not for myself, but for a big supporter CEO Jang as well as all engineers of Woojin M&E who are silently performing their works.




Starting with electricity material design, the award winner Eung-sik Ahn joined Woojin M&E in recognition of his design technique and know-how in 2006. Since then, he has worked in the electric industry for 24 years until being appointed as a managing director of Project Division.




In particular, he was responsible for the sales of Emergency Power System, contributing to establish the optimized power quality system for Korean industry in cooperation with global manufacturers. The emergency power system, which was developed based on this cooperation, plays a pivotal role in stabilizing quality at the site of major domestic industries such as semiconductors and displays, where extremely huge losses can be caused by power failure.




The emergency power system, which has become an essential electricity material for the key industries, has also made a big difference in Woojin M&E where Managing Director Ahn works. He was able to advance to large-scale global projects based on client’s trust by providing a close analysis and optimal engineering to meet the client’s needs. Through this, he has achieved more than $100 million in exports, contributing not only to the growth of the Woojin M&E, but also to make exports more competitive in Korea.




Managing Director Ahn said, “We will continue to do our best to provide products and solution consulting to meet various needs and circumstances of clients” and expressed his ambition, “Through Woojin M&E, the only one electricity material integrated platform corporate, we would like to serve as a bridgehead to promote Korea’s technology to the global market.”




Source: Elect Times